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About Nicole

Meet Nicole


Ecodog Hydration

My life's work has always involved animals. I started at a young age, fostering and rescuing animals. This led to volunteering in shelters and raising money for non-profits such as the Norfolk SPCA and Rainbow Rescue and Friends Of NACC.

My passion and dedication are evident through innovative art projects such as Ecodog Watering Stations; that use solar power and bio-filtration to filter rainwater into clean drinking water for animals.


Animal Conservation

In addition, Quarters For Conservation an eight game kiosk designed and built especially for the Virginia Zoo, which uses the proceeds of the game to help fund Wild Animal Conservation and Research. This deep connection to nature and the animal world makes me a safe and trusting conduit for the animals I communicate with. 

Virginia Zoo Photo 2.jpg

There have always been two sides to me; the Creative Arts side that lives and breathes art, and the spiritual side with a deep connection to nature and animals. While I have always felt I had to shelve my spiritual side, it seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brushstrokes and authentic colors. 

I am a lifelong artist and educator with a Communication Arts & Design degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) I have spent most of my career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and image in my artwork. Now, both sides have come together to enhance my multifaceted career as an animal communicator who paints souls of any sentient being.

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