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Art & Communication

Soul Paintings

In a communication, and I bring forth energies of persons or animal's living or in spirit. That energy is translated into color and shape; an abstract work of art is created. 

Soul Paintings can be paintings of any sentient being.


Colors of Consciousness

Energy and consciousness inhabit a physical form either animal or human. Each soul’s energy is translated into dynamic color and descriptive mark making on the canvas surface. Each sentient being is different, and so is the soul and energy that flows through it.

Example: Mother and Daughter
Example: Client & Her Spirit Guide
Painting Specifics

Each Soul Painting comes with communication written or audio about the persons or animals.

To order, send name and picture to email below.

  • Oil Painting on 20" x 20" x 7/8" birch panel board includes packing and shipping in US


  • Oil Painting various sizes on canvas.

      Example: 36" x 48" and larger

     Contact for prices


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