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Art & Communication

Soul Paintings

Painting souls allows me as an artist to reach people individually and collectively at the same time. Shapes, colors, lines, and textures speak for themselves without unnecessary noise, commentary, or unwanted opinion. Sometimes people are unaware they are healing wounded parts of themselves as they pause to take in the transformational energy of a soul painting. Elements in the artwork may remind them of moments in their past or validate a deep and perhaps hidden emotion. 

Example: Client & Her Spirit Guide

Colors of Consciousness

Energy and consciousness inhabit a physical form either animal or human. Each soul’s energy is translated into dynamic color and descriptive mark making on the painting surface.

Each sentient being is different, and so is the soul and energy that flows through it.

Example: Mother and Daughter
Painting Specifics

Soul Paintings are the emotional and energetic imprint of energy, translated to the canvas. The poems that accompany each painting are what spirit wants that soul to know about themselves for love and healing.


  • Oil Painting on 20" x 20" x 7/8" birch panel board.

      $500. Unframed including, packing, shipping and tax    

      if shipped in USA.

  • Oil Painting on canvas.

      36" x 48" -  $1,500.

      48" x 60" -  $2,000.

      72" x 48" (Diptych)​ $2,900.

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