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Art & Communication

Soul Paintings

In a communication, and I bring forth energies of persons or animal's living or in spirit. That energy is translated into color and shape; an abstract work of art is created. 

Soul Paintings are the confluence of energies that is brought forward, whether human or animal.


Participatory Art

"Participatory art is an approach to making art which engages public participation in the creative process, letting them become co-authors, editors, and observers of the work. This type of art is incomplete without viewers'  interaction."

Example: Mother and Daughter
Example: Client & Her Guide

Paintings of Sentients

Examples of Soul Paintings

  • Painting of an animal companion soul that has crossed over.

  • Painting of a human loved one's soul that has crossed over.

  • Painting of your living animal's soul.

  • Painting of your spirit guides.

  • Merging the soul of the sitter in this world and a loved one that has crossed over.

Painting Specifics

  • Oil Painting on 20" x 20" x 7/8" birch panel board includes packing and shipping in US

      (contact me for price)

  • Oil Painting on 8" x 10" x 5/8" birch panel board

      includes packing and shipping in US

      (contact me for price)

  • Oil painting on 6" x 4" paper mounted on card stock w/envelope


Nicole's Professional Art Site:

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