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Landscape with Animals

Colors of Consciousness 

Here I will share the stories, lessons and wise words from the animals and humans I communicate with, along with the Soul Paintings of those Sentient Beings.


Northern Lights

Wolf_the dog.jpg

Wolfie, terrier extraordinaire, fearless to the core and devoted to his pack and family. I communicated with him after he passed from heart issues. He said, "life is ever changing; do not let a moment go by that you don't love with all your heart, an animal."  Wolf showed me his teeth, his "pearly whites" as he called them. So proud because now in heaven, he had a full set of healthy, white teeth. 

He also wanted his humans to know that drawing, is more therapeutic than writing to process grief. He suggested his family share memories by sitting around the table drawing pictures of his Wolfie antics. 

abstract painting
Puppy 1_edited_edited.jpg

Puppy Collective #1

Hello Dear Souls,


At birth your mission is so vulnerable, so giving of love and accepting.

You are raw, pure happiness.  


In the next incarnation, may you fulfill your soul’s journey. 


This painting is for all young puppy souls who never made it to adulthood.

We love you to the moon and back, from the soul of souls, to the highest point.

Wild Horses_40x60.jpg

Wild Horses #1

Hello Dear Soul,


They call you by name but you don't come. 

Why would you? 


Free, unbound, your feet rhythmically round the ground, 

again and again until you are out of breath. 


Exhilarating and honest, this feeling of presence liberates. 

I am in AWE of your depth. 


May we learn from your earnest ways.


My favorite color is blue

Part0 2.PNG

Sammy is a Smooth Fox Terrier. What a character, he is! His mind inquisitively moving in every direction.

Sammy told me early in our communication, "I am a gooood boy,” as if he wanted mom to notice: “I am choosing to be good for you, mom.”

Sammy shared how his mom shops on line for various toys on a regular basis; she surprises him monthly.  He loves when she has her left arm around him, not her right.

" I love taking selfies with my Mom who is my friend.” he says with the biggest smile. "I am an important part of our family."

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