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Each soul, essence, consciousness, or being (whatever name you give it) has identifying and resonating colors. The way the colors and designs come together is as miraculous and personal as one’s thumb or paw print and as unique as one’s voice, eye color, and laugh. This book will explore all of these captivating aesthetics and more. An abstract world of painting souls has indeed been born, revealing itself through each sentient being's energy emotionally translated to the canvas and page.

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Colors of Consciousness is a combination of the metaphysical world and the art world. Each spread is laid out with the human or animal communication in words on the left side of the page and a beautifully composed painting of that being’s soul or consciousness on the right side of the page. Energy and consciousness inhabit a physical form, either animal or human. Each soul’s energy is translated into dynamic color and descriptive mark-making on the canvas surface. Each sentient being is different, and so is the soul and energy that flows through it.

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