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Animal Communication

Nicole C. Harp

Animal Communication
I am an animal communicator. I communicate with all animal species in spirit as well as living. I provide verifiable first impressions, which authenticates the connection you share with your animal. 
Animal communication is an energetic two-way conversation with another species.  Animals are sentient beings capable of free will, consciousness and intellect. They have emotions and express feelings. Animals have opinions and express likes and dislikes. They understand and process experiences as well as emotions.  Through communications we strengthen the human and animal bond, and gain a better understanding of one another. We recognize the fragility of our time together and become more aware of each other’s needs and desires. As our intuitive connection deepens, we experience more joy in the present moment with our animals.

The benefits of animal communication include the following:

  • Understanding what your animal companion is here to teach you and you them

  • Helping resolve behavioral challenges 

  • Awareness of your animal's personality traits and desires

  • Creating a stronger bond with your animal companions

  • Uncover health issues 

  • Connecting with animals in spirit

  • Helping to cope with the loss of your devoted animal

  • Deeper understanding from your animal's perspective

  • Integration of new animal to the household, moving to new home or PTS from past trauma 

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Animal Communication
Meet Nicole
Why Have A Reading

What is your animal thinking?

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Animals Who  Passed Over

Connecting with your companions in spirit through a Soul Painting, that will live on forever.

Or an audio or writing session you can refer back to.

Is Your Animal Companion Happy

General well-being and happiness. Ideas from your animal about things we can do to make them happier.


Understanding why your animal is missing or lost and working toward discovering their location or encouraging them to come home.

Dealing With Loss 

Communication can help us heal and grieve the loss of of our beloved animal before and after they transition.

Behavior & Anxiety Issues

Understanding causes of certain unwanted behavior issues. For example, separation anxiety and finding peaceful resolutions.

Uncover Health Issues

Supporting your animal with health issues and following up with check in's.


Client Reviews

“Nicole read my dogs like a book, I could NOT believe how on point she was! She gave my family recommendations to help our fur babies, and they’ve worked! This experience was one of the most beautiful readings I’ve ever had. She also painted my daughter Kenslee’s soul, it was so beautiful.” 

-Sense of Soul Podcast, Settle Washington

How To Book Sessions

About Nicole

How I work?

I communicate the energy of the past, present and near future for both the human and animal. I spend anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours with an animal, in depends on the animal and situation. Animals are in our lives for what we (and they) need for spiritual growth; it is reciprocal. We may not get what we want, but we always get what we need. Communications help us see the large and small yet significant details in our lives and behaviors but through the eyes of the animals. Through growth and communication, we are able to heal and live in harmony. 














Client Expectations:

  • Don't pre-judge the outcome or the reasons and responses for the animals behavior.

  • Be open to the responses and suggestions your animal offers.

  • Follow the suggestions your animal gives.

  • Give your animal time to heal and respond.

  • Prices will be discussed during consultation.

  • Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal accepted.


Book a Session

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 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."   - Anatole France
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Norfolk, Virginia 23502

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


― Mahatma Gandhi

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